A Time for Action – 2017
We need you. Please volunteer.

♦ On Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at the New York Society for Ethical Culture
A True Call to Action – with Barkman, Davis, L-P, and Murphy!

An evening where the past met the present and possibly the future!


♦ On Sunday, February 5th, Concerned Families of Westchester  hosted a forum from 2 to 4, at the Hastings Community Center.

Choice Matters president Catherine Lederer-Plaskett spoke and shared the reality of the IDC’s 8 rogue Democrats and that they are the greatest obstacle in NYS government. Elected by their constituents as Democrats, they are governing with the Republicans.

♦ On Saturday, February 4th, Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins is hosting Westchester Resistance Rally: Defend Immigrants & Refugees at 78 N Broadway, White Plains, NY from 12-2.

A Choice Matters volunteer getting signatures at the rally getting signatures on our petition Make New York State a Reproductive Rights Sanctuary!

Senator Stewart-Cousins is the sponsor of the Reproductive Rights Act.  Support this action and help us get signatures on our petition Make NYS a Reproductive Rights Sanctuary. (We could use more volunteers to help collect petition signatures!)

♦ On Thursday, February 2rd, we presented to a packed house in Pound Ridge, explaining the horrible impact of the IDC on reproductive rights in Albany, & how to get involved. (We have the plan! Help us implement it.)

♦  On Saturday, January 21st, we marched on NYC under the banner “Make New York State a Reproductive Rights Sanctuary. Our volunteers were outstanding!!!

♦  We are organizing telephone and writing campaigns to targeted NYS Senators who are acting as roadblocks. They need to be with us or get out of our way. We have already reached out to the Governor.  (Volunteer a few hours of your time to change NYS!)

♦  We are using our now-famous ProChoice IDEA – identification, education and activation – to expand our Outreach Program.  We identify voters who will vote only for candidates who are pro-choice and are willing to cross party-lines to do so. We add those pro-choice voters to our database. We send everyone in our database, free-of-charge, our ProChoice newsletter/voting guide. All we ask is that they vote, and they do! (Using your telephone to identify voters can change the outcome of elections.)

♦  We are writing, facebooking and tweeting. We are all over the web and have promised to give Trump a run for his money on twitter.  (Use your social media skills to help us spread the word!)

♦  We are organizing outreach events at temples, churches and community centers. If young voters don’t understand this issue, how can they know what is at stake?  (Do you know of an organization on whose door we should be knocking? Tell us!)

♦  We are also organizing house parties. These are small gatherings to explain what is happening and what we can do. (Please, if you can host a house party, let us know!)